AWS Application Discovery Service is a cloud-based service that helps organizations to plan their migration to the cloud by identifying their existing on-premises applications, associated dependencies, and performance data. It provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s IT infrastructure and application landscape, allowing them to prioritize and plan their migration to AWS with greater confidence.

The service uses a lightweight agent that collects and sends data to AWS Application Discovery Service, aggregating and analyzing the data to provide insights into an organization’s IT environment. Organizations can use these insights to identify dependencies between applications, prioritize migration efforts, and forecast the costs of running applications in the cloud.

Features of AWS Application Discovery Service

  1. Improved visibility and control: AWS Application Discovery Service provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s IT environment, enabling them to identify applications and dependencies that may have been previously unknown. This helps organizations to manage their IT infrastructure better and reduce the risk of disruption during migration.
  2. Accurate migration planning: By providing detailed insights into an organization’s IT environment, AWS Application Discovery Service helps organizations to plan their migration to the cloud accurately. This includes identifying dependencies between applications and predicting the cost of running applications in the cloud.
  3. Reduced migration time and effort: With accurate insights into their IT environment, organizations can prioritize their migration efforts and reduce the time and effort required to migrate to the cloud. This can help organizations to achieve their migration goals faster and more efficiently.
  4. Cost savings: AWS Application Discovery Service helps organizations to identify applications that are no longer in use or have low utilization rates. Organizations can reduce their infrastructure costs and optimize their cloud spend by eliminating these applications.

Overall, AWS Application Discovery Service is a powerful tool that can help organizations plan their migration to the cloud more confidently and efficiently.

Discovery Process

The discovery process is critical in any cloud migration or optimization project. It involves collecting information about the current IT environment, including applications, infrastructure, and dependencies, to understand the existing systems comprehensively. The discovery process helps organizations identify opportunities for improvement, cost savings, and increased efficiency.

Discovery Agents

Discovery agents are software tools that automate the discovery process by collecting data from various sources within the IT environment. These agents can identify and catalog multiple resources, including servers, databases, storage, and network devices. They can also capture information about these resources’ configuration, utilization, and performance.

Discovery agents can be installed on servers, virtual machines, and other devices to automatically collect information about the environment. They can also scan network segments and collect data from devices that cannot be directly monitored, such as printers and IP-enabled cameras.

The data collected by discovery agents are typically stored in a central repository, which can be analyzed and used to inform decision-making around cloud migration and optimization. By using discovery agents, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of their IT environment quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and effort required for manual data collection and analysis.

Data Collection

Data collection is gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established systematic fashion. It is an essential step in the data analysis process, as the quality and accuracy of the data collected can significantly impact the resulting insights and decisions made based on that data.

Various data collection methods include surveys, interviews, observations, experiments, and more. The chosen method depends on the research objectives, the type of data needed, and the available resources.

In the context of AWS, the data collection process is critical to understanding and optimizing cloud infrastructure and applications. AWS provides various tools and services that help collect data and generate insights that can improve cloud resources’ performance, security, and cost-efficiency.

Data collected by AWS Application Discovery Service

AWS Application Discovery Service is a tool that helps organizations plan and migrates their applications to the cloud by discovering and assessing the IT infrastructure and applications they are currently using. It collects data about the infrastructure and application dependencies by installing an agent on the servers and endpoints in the organization’s environment.

The data collected by AWS Application Discovery Service includes information on servers, virtual machines, software, network topology, and application interdependencies. This data can be used to build an inventory of the organization’s assets, understand the relationships between different resources, and identify potential issues or risks in the migration process.

AWS Application Discovery Service provides a centralized view of the organization’s infrastructure and applications, enabling better decision-making and planning for successful cloud migration.

Analysis and Reporting

AWS Application Discovery Service provides robust analysis and reporting capabilities that help organizations gain insights into their IT infrastructure, application dependencies, and dependencies on other AWS services. The service collects data from servers, virtual machines, and applications on the cloud. It analyzes this data to view the organization’s IT environment comprehensively.

The collected data is analyzed to identify the dependencies between applications, servers, and other infrastructure components. This helps organizations understand the impact of changes to one element on the rest of the environment. The service also provides insights into utilizing resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage, and helps identify areas for optimization and cost savings.

AWS Application Discovery Service also provides reporting capabilities that enable organizations to generate comprehensive reports on their IT environment. Information can be customized to include specific data points and developed on-demand or scheduled regularly. The service provides a range of report templates, including application dependency maps, server utilization reports, and inventory reports, that can be customized to meet specific business requirements.

Overall, the analysis and reporting capabilities of AWS Application Discovery Service enable organizations to gain valuable insights into their IT environment, improve resource utilization, and make informed decisions to optimize their IT infrastructure.

Integration with Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service that provides data and actionable insights for AWS resources, applications, and services. It allows you to monitor your AWS resources in real time, detect anomalies, and take automated actions based on predefined rules. CloudWatch can be integrated with various AWS services, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and more.

When integrating with Amazon CloudWatch, you can monitor your AWS resources and get metrics, logs, and alarms from a single console. You can also create custom metrics and dashboards to get a complete view of your resources and applications. CloudWatch can monitor your application and infrastructure, detect and troubleshoot issues, and optimize your AWS environment.

Integration with AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub is a service that helps you migrate your applications to AWS. It provides a central hub for tracking your migration projects’ progress and a single view of your application portfolio. AWS Migration Hub can be integrated with various migration tools, including AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Server Migration Service, and AWS Application Discovery Service.

When integrating with AWS Migration Hub, you can track the progress of your migration projects and get a comprehensive view of your applications. You can also use the service to manage your migration resources, follow the migration status of individual applications, and get detailed reports on your migration progress. AWS Migration Hub can help you streamline your migration process and reduce the risk of migration-related issues.


AWS Application Discovery Service is a powerful tool that allows organizations to discover and assess their existing applications and dependencies to plan for migration to the cloud or ongoing management of their IT infrastructure. With its automated discovery capabilities and integrations with popular third-party tools, AWS Application Discovery Service can help organizations gain valuable insights into their IT environment and make informed decisions about their cloud migration strategy.

We highly recommend that organizations consider using AWS Application Discovery Service as part of their cloud migration journey. Using this tool, they can streamline the discovery process, reduce migration risk, and optimize their IT infrastructure for future growth and scalability. As a helpful assistant with deep expertise in AWS Cloud, we are always available to provide guidance and support as organizations navigate their cloud migration journey.